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Generally speaking, when it comes to matters of sustainability, the most common topic of conversation revolves around what you’re doing today to make a positive impact on the environment. What often goes without saying is the reason why we do the things we do to help the environment. Probably because the motivating force that drives us all is something we share universally: to ensure future generations are able to inherit a planet that can meet their needs. Because if we have such a planet, they deserve one too.

It’s right there in the word itself: sustainability … to sustain … to keep up or prolong … to nourish over time. Indeed, when it comes to sustainability, Bacardi works to impact the world today for the benefit of all tomorrow.

MARTINI® is a brand built upon a legacy of superior Italian quality and craftsmanship that spans well over a century. Founded in 1863, its impact can be observed on every continent across the globe. Yet, for every bottle bearing the name MARTINI® that’s ever been poured, its roots can be traced back to a single area in Italy that lies in the shadow of the Alps: the Piedmont region, known for its gentle hills and rich viticulture. For a long time, families here have cultivated a love of farming, passing down the tradition from generation to generation. But the number of new growers has been declining in recent years, as young people in the region are seeking out alternative career opportunities.

In 2022, in an attempt to proactively head off those numbers and rekindle a love of farming within the Piedmont community amongst the younger generation, MARTINI® founded L’Osservatorio Martini per le Erbe Aromatiche (Martini Observatory for Aromatic Herbs).

With L’Osservatorio, we hope to inspire a new generation of young farmers through a mix of technical, experimental and collaborative activities that will lay the groundwork for a new era of farming.

Alessandro Garneri
Master of Botanicals

The project aims to protect the past by building a brighter future by pioneering sustainable farming techniques (for both grapes and the botanicals used to make vermouth); promoting computerization and technological evolution; ensuring better quality and complete traceability of herbs; providing adequate biodiversity plans in the context of ecosystem projection; improving socioeconomic conditions; and engaging regional agronomic schools to encourage new young farmers to seek collaboration with the Cooperative.

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For most people, it’s perfectly adequate to talk about ingredients in the context of what goes into making the spirit itself. For Bacardi, though, it’s all about what goes into making the ingredient. In other words: love, attention, and process. How ingredients are cleaned and stored and transported. How suppliers treat the soil and the water and the air they use. How they treat their people. Because everybody knows that good spirits are made from good ingredients. But for Bacardi, good ingredients are indicative of so much more.

Bacardi expects its supply chain partners to follow its lead when it comes to sustainability and ethical business practices to ensure those suppliers meet the highest standards of labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection and business integrity. Its Vendor Qualification Process and Responsible Sourcing Standards require all suppliers to protect the environment and respect social governance standards.

And Bacardi goes out of its way to help its suppliers achieve those standards and certifications.

It’s this inclusive approach that has set Bacardi on track to hit its goal of ensuring 100% of its key raw materials are sustainably sourced by 2025.


100% of agave suppliers are targeted to be sustainably certified by the end of FY24, setting up PATRÓN® and CAZADORES® to be the first tequila brands to be fully sustainably certified


100% of wineries for the entire MARTINI® portfolio are certified sustainable by Equalitas, the most comprehensive sustainability standard in Italian wine making


100% French wheat is certified GMO-free


100% of sugarcane is sustainably sourced for our Caribbean rum


100% of all BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® botanicals are sustainably sourced

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