A legacy of Good Spirited

Past, Present, & Future

A Letter From Our Chairman and CEO

What is legacy? It’s more than just a name. The legacy we leave behind is the measure by which history remembers us—the mark we leave on the world. Our story, told across time. But make no mistake, that story—the one you’ll read in this report—is not one to be told in past tense. It’s a story we’re writing in real time. Moment by moment. Day after day. It is informed by those who have come before us, and inspired by those who have yet to come. Because they’re the ones who will feel the impact of everything we’re doing today.

As the world’s largest privately held international spirits company—with more than 200 brands and labels—we’ve been building our legacy since the day of our founding in 1862. And we’re nowhere near finished. Because the most important piece of our legacy is the part we haven’t written yet.

At Bacardi, we are building on the good we’ve done for the past 160+ years and leveraging the good we do today to create a future that is both promising and bright. It takes commitment and courage to make the bold decisions that lead to the most positive outcomes. And that’s the path we continue to forge.

We want the legacy we earn to be the difference we make in the world.

Water positivity. Sustainable energy. Empowered individuals. Successful communities. Sustainable ingredients. Mindfulness and responsibility. 

This is our legacy. This is Good Spirited.

Facundo L. Bacardi
Chairman of the Board
Mahesh Madhavan
Chief Executive Officer
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