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Mindfulness is on the rise. The art of being present. A heightened awareness of self, the world around you, your place within it. And this movement toward a more mindful lifestyle has manifested an increasing popularity of what has become known as NoLo—which is to say, no- and low-alcohol products.

Some people call it a trend or a social phenomena, but Bacardi believes it’s indicative of a much larger and more enduring shift in our collective consciousness toward a more mindful way of living.

Bacardi is here for it. And if you have aspirations of being a great host, Bacardi is here for you too.

Bacardi has published The Good Spirited Host: Your Guide to Mindful Hosting and Cocktails, a charming little book designed to help you become a well-informed ambassador of mindful mixology and moderation—a mindful host. Filled with resources that can elevate any gathering, the book explores what it truly means to offer options for everybody, with cocktail recipes ranging from no- and low-alcohol-content to full-proof, suggestions on how to be more sustainable (e.g., freeze your leftover herbs inside of ice cubes to give your cocktails next-level flavor and flair), a full rundown on appropriate glassware, a how-to guide on homemade syrups and so much more.

The book adds further substance by lending perspective on how to pay attention to behavioral cues and patterns of consumption while offering suggestions on how to promote mindfulness throughout a get-together, including in-depth articulations on how alcohol absorption works (and the role that pace, food, and hydration can play, in addition to body size, gender, and genetics); tips on slow drinking; and suggestions on how to liven things up with wholesome entertainment before ultimately winding them down.

We aim to improve consumer education around mindful drinking.

Marine Rozenfeld
Head of Innovation
Western Europe

Available for everyone on, the guide can be enjoyed either as an interactive flip book or a downloadable PDF.

Additional Good

When it comes to matters of mindfulness, moderation, and responsible drinking, Bacardi adds support and influence to numerous initiatives around the world—because it’s determined to build a legacy of good in ways that cross borders and transcend generations. No Binge and oneUNIT are two initiatives Bacardi is particularly proud to support.

No Binge

In Italy, Federvini launched its first Responsible Consumption competition with La Sapienza University in Rome called No Binge. Students enrolled in the Economics and Business Management masters program worked in teams to create a communications campaign that combats the misuse and abuse of alcohol amongst their peers.


In the Netherlands, SpiritsNL and the Dutch Bartenders Club run a campaign called oneUNIT, which gathers bar staff around a central theme of responsible drinking and has bartenders joining forces in friendly competition to create the best, most flavorful cocktail, with one caveat: cocktails are limited to incorporating just one alcohol unit (the American equivalent of one standard drink, a metric used to determine the alcohol content within an alcoholic beverage).

One of the most effective forms of advocacy exists in the simple sharing of information. Bacardi strives to be a powerful online resource for anybody interested in adopting a mindful lifestyle, empowered by a rich understanding of how your choices affect both you and the people around you. It all starts with a willingness to initiate conversation.

Small changes can lead to big results. That’s the overarching message of Drinkaware, the U.K.’s most widely visited dedicated source of information regarding alcohol (with six million unique visitors per year). Bacardi supports Drinkaware, whose site acts as a gateway for people looking to find the help they need, with a range of tools that provide tailored advice and support—including a chatbot (or virtual assistant) that can help identify areas of concern and suggest support services that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

In the U.S., Bacardi is a proud partner of the not-for-profit Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (, a leader in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking with a powerful web presence that promotes responsible decision-making when it comes to alcohol consumption.

As slow drinking continues its rapid rise in popularity, Bacardi keeps its finger on the pulse by virtue of Slow Drinking, a market-led initiative in France and Italy that engages its audience (primarily Gen Zers of legal drinking age) with lighthearted social media content and a website filled with valuable information promoting mindful consumption habits and a lifestyle that emphasizes moderation.

While the decision to live a more mindful lifestyle is an inherently personal journey, the mindfulness movement at large continues to bear significant impact on a global scale, specifically within the spirits industry, where demand for NoLo products is at an all-time high.

With more and more consumers embracing a sober-curious mindset, Bacardi wants to ensure it continues to deliver something for everyone with a solid NoLo lineup that never compromises flavor, quality or mixability. Here are a few of our premium NoLo options:

MARTINI® Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo

A premium range of Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo, Floreale and Vibrante are a delightful alternative for the brand’s iconic vermouth, delivering groundbreaking quality and taste.

ST-GERMAIN® Elderflower Liqueur

Made with fresh elderflowers, every bottle of this finely crafted, perfectly balanced and refined liqueur contains up to 1,000 elderflower blossoms, handpicked once a year.

GREY GOOSE® Essences

GREY GOOSE® Essences are a range of expressions that infuse GREY GOOSE® vodka with the “essence” of real fruit and cold-distilled botanicals sourced from France, Spain, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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